Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What to Wear on Christmas day?

Isn't it wonderful to wake up early in the morning, run downstairs to find a whole bunch of presents under a beautifully decorated tree? It is one o my favourite things of Christmas, but there is something else I enjoy equally. Yes, spending time with my family is a given and hence wont receive much recognition in this post.

What I really enjoy as much as unwrapping gifts is getting dressed for Christmas. There, I said it out loud. I have heard mixed reactions whenever I have told people this. Some look at me like I’m from kuku-land while others totally gush how much they love getting ready for Christmas day too. Even if it’s just to spend time with my family at home, I think it's a festive occasion and hence some new, pretty clothes are mandatory!

Before I go on with ramblings any further, I must mention that the following post is a direct result of the past two hours, shamelessly spent browsing through ASOS, wistfully wishing that I was back in the UK, only so that I could order one (or all three) of the dresses. Sadly, as I’m in India at the moment, all I can do is browse through websites and wear whatever I packed for Christmas day.
While browsing I came across three different dresses that I thought were perfect for the Christmas day. They are very different styles and are suitable depending on how dressy or comfortable you want to be for the day.

Also, as it is after all for Christmas day, I thought it was only apt to stick to red or green. There is no hard and fast rule about the colours, its just the brand marketing slave in me propels me to gravitate towards red or green for Christmas.

The green dress is my favourite. If I were to pick one of these three dresses, I would definitely pick this one. Probably because I’m spending Christmas after two years with my family, I feel uber festive this year and would love to wear something dressy, even if the extent of my parade in the dress is only from my room to the living room.

The lovely black lace detailing in the front and the crinkled skirt both remind me of Christmas for some reason. The skirt shouts Christmas tree while the lace is festive. Ok, Maybe I’m stretching it a bit too much, but its so pretty!

This dress is definitely the dressiest of the lot. You can wear it at home like I would or is even perfect to go out in the evening. Its also available  in blue, but as mentioned above, the blue is not my pick for the holiday season.

The red dress with hearts is the perfect for Christmas day too. It ticks all the boxes. Red: check; woolen, warm and cosy: check; cute: check.

I absolutely love the bow detailing at the back. Again, something that reminds me of gifts and hence Christmas. The heart design is very cute as well. All in all, along with the zip on the sleeves, the bow detailing on the back and the heart pattern, this is something I’d definitely wear for Christmas as well; if only I wasn't feeling that festive this year.

The red jumper dress is the comfy-iest of the three dresses. If you are someone who cant be bothered to get dressed for Christmas day and just want to wear something comfortable, this dress is perfect for you. The red and white make it festive enough though its a simple jumper. In my opinion it is fashionable take on being dressed in PJs all day on Christmas day.

If you are someone like me, hope this gives ideas for what to wear on Christmas day, if you are not, hope you enjoyed my bit of rambling!

Green dress: Link
Red dress with hearts: Link

Thursday, 6 December 2012

What Barbie and I have in common... Peplum!

Peplum is back! It has been around for the past few now, and although its a funny little word I think its really chic.

When I first saw it back on the runways all I could think of was my old ragged Barbie. Growing up in the 90s, I had quite a few Barbie dolls and my favourite thing to do with them was to dress them up.

Back then, peplum was a very popular pattern. I remember skimming though a catalogue of Barbie's dresses and all of them having that little frill around the waist.  

It is funny for old trends keep popping back every now and again. However, the key thing to remember about fashion is that you must wear something that you are comfortable with and suits your body. Peplum is perfect for anyone with an hourglass or apple (cornet) shaped figure. However, if you have a pear figure, it might be best to try and avoid this style as the frill divides the body into two halves and can draw more attention to the half below it. It works well with an hourglass or apple figure because it accentuates the waist. If you have a tiny waist,  show it off!

Although I know this in theory, this is not why I went peplum crazy last month. My reason to shop was purely out of herd mentality! I saw a ton of people wearing it at work and was temped enough to go buy two tops in a span of 15 minutes. A bit much you think? Well clearly not for me.

As you can see this Topshop burgundy top is my favourite and hence is mentioned first. Although it doesn't have any print on it, the colour is enough to make the top stand out. It fits perfectly and with a little bit of accessorizing can look really classic.

Top: Topshop- Link

Jeans: Topshop Petite- Link
Necklace: Forever21
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Lil Ukita
Shoes: Zara

Black is my favourite colour. I also think that black makes anything look chic and classic. This black lace peplum top believe it or not is from Primark! Yes, its true. I went in to buy a pair of tights and came out with this top! It has a black lining in the front and is sheer behind. Although wearing it as it is not really my style, it would probably be more appropriate on a night out.

I wear this top to work and hence a sheer lace back look is not an ideal for me. I wear a black slip inside to cover my back; no pun intended!

Jeans: Topshop Petite- Link
Necklace: H&M head band worn as necklace
Bag: H&M- Link
Shoes: Zara

All in all I think peplum is a fun trend however, I'm afraid it will fade. I don't expect to see peplum for very long on the runways although I would love to see it stay on for a couple of more seasons at least before I'm ready to dive into another another blast from the past.... 90s neons in Spring 2013 anyone?

PS: Here's a little flash back of the 90s Barbie for those of you who don't remember this or weren't born yet then to know it.*

All Barbie images taken from the internet*