Friday, 6 September 2013

Precious Jewels

One of the most exciting things about a holiday is holiday shopping. I usually try and dedicate a whole day in my itinerary for shopping. I know this might sound crazy to some people, but it probably stems from my family holidays when I was younger. I have vivid, fond memories of my mum and I going to all pretty boutiques for a good bargain. We almost made it a sort of holiday ritual, to find something special from every place we visited. 

Now, all those years after, I only wish I could go on those random bargain hunts in exotic places with my mother. Whenever I travel alone or with friends, I make it a point to drag them along (even if they don't want to go) to a flee market or independent boutiques.

I managed to get a few gems back from my holiday in Istanbul. 

I am a big fan of dainty jewelry and this bracelet was a gift from my friend. It is meant to be the ever-seeing eye that wards off all evil. I personally don't believe in any of that, but I did think it looked really pretty. We got it from the Grand Bazaar for 10 Turkish Liras after haggling to our hearts' content.

I also got this gorgeous black and green mesh bracelet from a street stall for 5 Turkish Liras.  It looks beautiful when it catches any light and the green beads glisten.

Although I did not technically buy this beautiful gold beaded bracelet in Istanbul, it arrived on the day I was leaving for Istanbul and I wore it throughout my holiday, hence I have included it in this post. It has a colourful tassel that makes it the perfect summer accessory.

Also, in the technical purchase category is this beautiful infinity ring that arrived a day before I left for holiday. I took this along with me too and have been wearing it non-stop since.

My favourite purchases however were these two cocktail rings.

I have very thin fingers and as a result finding a ring that fits me is usually a task.

I found a little boutique that sold silver jewelry and scarves, a combination that was too tempting to resist and hence walked in. Little did I know that I would be walking out with these beautiful rings.

The green agate ring has a very ornate setting while the black onyx ring has an exquisite and detailed setting with rhinestones around it.

I didn't get much from my holiday in Istanbul, but I went down the route of the fewer but better and I think it worked!

Gold Bracelet: Some place Beautiful (link)
Infinity Ring: Etsy (link)


  1. Love the rings!

  2. Love the tassle bracelet :)

    Beautiful post!

    K x


  3. The bracelets are gorgeous! It's cute how you collect jewellery from holidays and actually a great idea! :) xoxo

  4. nice collection, i really love this jewelry!


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