Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Girl in the Green Scarf

The first time I heard of Rebecca Bloomwood I was 18 years old! I had never read, only heard of Sophie Kinsella's famous series. After a long day of mother daughter retail therapy my mum and I decided to head for the movies.  As we got there, we were torn between a ton of movies to choose from. Suddenly my mum looked at the ten bags in my hand and said "Maybe we should Confessions of a Shopaholic". "Haha, that's rich coming from someone holding five bags", I said. "Well sweetheart, these bags are yours too and that's exactly my point!" she said smugly, clearly having won that argument.

The movie was my moment of epiphany! I realised that I could totally relate to Rebecca and it was almost exactly my life- sans the designer clothes and the cute editor boyfriend! It was scary to see that, that could be me in 5 years with all those credit card bills. That day I decided to be extra careful with money and not spend it AT ALL if possible. Yet, here I am today, writing this blog that is all intended to be about things I have bought! Clearly, acting on my thoughts is not one of my key strengths!

One of the main reasons why I thought that Rebecca and my lives were the same in parallel universes was because I owned a green scarf too. Ok, given that mine wasn't the Dolce and Gabbana scarf that Patrica Field got her inspiration for the crinkled Kelly Scarf in the film, but it was in fact one up! It was a cashmere knit scarf knitted by my grandmother. She gifted it to my mother 25 years ago and very conveniently I stole it from her. The scarf however is gorgeous and even today looks brand new!

As you will see above, the scarf made a little appearance on my trip to Stonehenge. It is the perfect accessory as it keeps me warm stylish at the same time! Green being a versatile colour can be paired with an arrey of colours. My favourite colours to with scarf would be black, white, grey and dark blue. While some might think that these are safe boring colours, I think the green makes these 'safe' and 'boring' colours come to life and brings the while outfit together. The scarf itself can be can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of the outfit. Also, its not a very thick scarf, however its quite long making it perfect for spring and winter.

Sadly, my scarf is not available in stores for other to buy as my grandmother made it and that makes it one of a kind and hence is even more precious to me!However,  there are tons of options if you are in the market for a green scarf. My favourite is this Khaki green Zara scarf! It subtly even brings in the military trend that is big this autumn!

Picure: Zara site

My seconf favourite is this River Island Skulls Scarf. Agreed that the design might be a rip off of the classic McQueen Scarf, yet it has its own charm and is really cute! Also, I can see this scar

Picture:River Island Site

Although Rebecca had to learn her lesson the hard way, (remember that awful action where she had to sell ALL her clothes- catastrophe!!!) I hope I never have to encounter that. I hope I keep rediscovering classic pieces like this scarf in my wardrobe that will keep my wallet and my urge to style things differently happy!