Tuesday, 15 January 2013

McQueen, I love you.

The title almost gives it away, this post is all about my love for Alexander McQueen. I'll be honest, I have always believed in being trendy and that does not necessarily convert to be branded or brand conscious. When I moved to the UK, I was introduced to a whole new world of brands, brands I did not even know exist, brands I would lust after, the minute I was introduced to them. 

On my very first evening in the UK, my new found friends and I decided to go to the city centre and get familiar with the city. Soon we found ourselves in a mall (come on four girls in a new city; what do you expect?) As soon as we entered, the first store my friend saw was the McQueen store. "Oh I love McQueen.", she gushed. "Really? Me too." the other one added. I instantly saw them bond over something that I dint even comprehend and stood there silently. They looked at me, waiting for me to add my little bit about McQueen, but there was nothing I could add so I simply smiled like a fool and in that moment I knew where this newly founded friendship (4 hours before this incidence) was going.

Flash forward January 2013, yes, I did figure out who Alexander McQueen was, thank you very much. Not just that, but I fell in love with his style. Classic designs with that goth edge. Just perfect for a little punk-chic rebellion every now and again. 

Over time I have collected a few McQueen accessories and love them!

To start off with, I love the green scarf in the picture above. Although it is has the skulls on it, it is very unique and very different to the usual Mcqueen skull pattern. This scarf was from the SS12 collection and is in a jersey material. As it was for spring, the skulls are actually in  floral pattern and hence unless seen carefully virtually invisible. My mum loved the floral pattern on the scarf and almost stole it from me until I told her that the floral pattern was actually skulls. "I don't think I can carry off a skulls look at work." she said quietly, clearly not happy with it. 

The purse is from the SS12 collection as well. This is in a limited edition sky blue variant, although the pattern makes an appearance in all collection in different colours.  The studs give it an edge and the pastel blue makes it look feminine. I simply adore this purse.

Lastly, I own the gold razor double wrap bracelet. However I have tiny wrists and can manage to wrap it around thrice around wrist. "Is that a razor you are wearing on your wrist?", my manager asked me yesterday. "A bit too gothic for you isn't it?", she went on. But thats what I love about it. It is a bit gothic without being too overwhelming and I can wear it practically with outfit and it looks good.

Purse: I couldn't find a link to the blue one but the black one is now available at 55% discount on Outnet! Link
Bracelet: Is now available at 50% of the original price I got it at! How unfair! Link


Happy New Year to all!

January is the first month of the year. January is the month of resolutions, but January is also the month of SALES!

4 alphabets, 1 word, that I am dreading at the moment is SALE. Yes, to most people this is a wonderful word. It brings joy of sorts I can’t explain. Oh the joy.... but let’s not go there. My resolution for 2013 has been to not shop. Although this is probably overly dramatic, I like to think of myself as a recovering shopaholic. My resolution for the new year is to bring my shopping under control. 15 days into the new year and so far, I'm doing pretty well. the idea is not to not shop at all, but to cut it down and enjoy the pieces that I currently own. I will still allow myself to buy clothes but it must fall into the following categories for it to be a valid purchase
Reason to buy things:
a.       It is an absoloute necessity
b.      Reason a +It is rare and if I dont jump on it now I will never have it
c.       Reason a+ I have wanted to own this item for years but never found one that I like enough to buy in the past.
I will admit it is really difficult to try and control the urge to buy things, but I like to be positive and l believe I have found a new approach to tackling this.
One of the reasons why I like to shop is I like to constantly update/ upgrade my wardrobe and outfits. Over the years, I have accumulated so many pieces in my wardrobe, that i have realised that if I take a new approach to styling them, they can be  mixed and match and I can create several new outfits that i have never worn before. This break from shopping has given me a fresh perspective to styling. 
To start off with, my winter cape.

I bought this cape 2 years ago from Miss Selfridge. It is navy in colour and I think it is a classic colour that never goes out of style. The cape had rather large clunky buttons that I wasn't particularly fond of and as a result, last winter I dint use it at all. 
I had completely forgotten about it but found it in my cupboard after deciding to go through all the things in my wardrobe as the first step of my self imposed shopping ban/cleanse. 
I realised that the only reason I wasn't wearing the cape was the buttons and hence decided to change them. I ordered new buttons from LoveCraft.com. They were very efficient in their delivery I must add.
This is the pattern of the button I selected.

I am so pleased that I did this, as I believe was the best thing I could do to my winter clothing. The cape is warm and stylish and oddly makes me feel very parisian, although I'm not exactly sure why. A beret with it is my ideal winter outfit. I could wear pajama shorts inside it and it would still look chic! (just kidding)

All in all I'm happy the way my utilitarian resolution is shaping up my hedonic need to style outfits!