Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Spiky studs meet the Bag Lady

Yes, I am referring to myself. I admit, I have a little problem when it comes to bags. I want them all. 

Studs have been around for a while, in clothes, accessories and shoes, but I never fancied them until I saw this... 

Hello awesomeness! 

I first saw it in Topshop and though it was cute, but not worth the price. I then saw it Zara and firgured that it was slowly infiltrating its way through all high street brands. I saw it again in Primark, six times cheaper than the original Topshop bag. It was a bargain I couldn't resist. 

I absolutely adore this little clutch and have taken it out with me thrice so far. It fits in a lot of things for a clutch and is quite comfortable to carry around thanks to that little strap it has.

All in all spiky things are my new favourite! Next stop...shoes!