Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cant shoot me with that Pistol

One of my favourite things about autumn is going shopping for Boots. Every year (count 3 times since 2010) I go shopping around September for a pair of boots promising myself that I'll buy only one pair of boots  for autumn and winter and use it for the whole year. Yet only in two years later I have managed to own 8 pairs of boots. Oops...I wonder how that happened! Anyway, this year was no different. I went on my crusade to Oxford Street and came home with these...

Tah Da!!!!! Aren't they nice? These are the high street alternative to the Acne Pistol Boots that first appeared in 2009 and have been a staple in every fahionista's shoe closet since. Ok, so I'm not saying I'm a fashionista, but I work in a building full of women and they are quite a fashionable bunch and receiving a compliment from one of them in the lift is a real compliment I'd say.

In fact, I liked these boots so much that I couldn't resist myself. I went ahead and got myself these...

I agree, it is pure greed, but I couldn't resist them! Also they weren't that expensive considering the fact that they aren't the real Acne Boots! oh how I wish they were... but these are just as nice if not better. The tan ones are perfect for the weekend or a casual Friday at work. They look really nice when worn with dark blue jeans. They don't hurt are extremely comfortable.

There are a bunch of store on the high street that make this style at the moment and right from Primark to Topshop everyones stocking them. So there's a pair for every budget out there.

Topshop: Link
Office: Link
Zara: Link

Saturday, 6 October 2012

By the Collar

Collars made a come back in summer and this autumn they are indeed here to stay. Be it collared shirts or faux collars that you can add to a top to make it more versatile or collar necklaces.

There isn't much to say about collared shirts really, they have been around for ages... literally (since the invention of shirts I'm assuming). But after a little preview last autumn, studded collared shirts have returned this year.

If you think thats a bit much, there are ways to have subtle studs on your collar. This one below is a perfect example of how less is more. 


Faux collars are also in this season. From plain and simple peter pan collars to faux fur collars, theres one for everyone. Bedazzled collars are a great way to accessorize a dress as they are a mix  between a collar and a necklace. They even look cute if added to a plain shirt to jazz it up a bit. This  H & M one is perfect for a dressy lunch with your girlfriends  without breaking the bank.

It was however a bit too flashy for me. So I decided to get the faux fur collar from H&M that would keep me warm in winter as well. It looks perfect on all my coats and jackets.

Although I have to admit, from all the options in collars out there in the market, my personal favourites are collar necklaces as they can be worn as statement pieces and can jazz up a boring outfit. They are daintier than actual collars and so are also a little more feminine in my opinion. Also depending on the outfit they can look different with every look whilst still adding something to the whole look without being as over powering as faux collars. 

This Ted Baker one has gone right into my wish list. I would have bought it too but is a bit much to spend on costume jewellery!

Last weekend on a quest to find unique jewellery I went to Spitalfields Market in East London and found this gem.

It goes perfectly with a lot of dresses as well as shirts and is easy to dress up or dress down. Its a perfect statement piece even to wear to work and above all my personal take on collar necklaces!