Sunday, 7 April 2013

Neon and Nude Ballet Pumps

Neons and Nudes was a really hot trend last spring. Everyone from top designers to high-street fashion brands to even makeup brands came up with collections featuring nude and neon colours together.

The trend has returned this year and although last year, I dint really buy into it, this year, for some reason, I gravitated towards the whole nude and neon thing. 

Enter, these gorgeous H&M patent ballet pumps.

I was just casually browsing through H&M when I saw the florescent pink pumps. They are really, really bright and the above image is true to colour. I instantly fell in love with them. I know that they will be a love or hate item with most people, but I genuinely adore them.

I was on holiday last month and caught quite a bit of sun and they truly stand out against my really really tanned feet!

I saw the nude shoes as well but wasn't sure if I wanted them and hence did not buy them the day I got the pink ones. A couple of days later, I had to run back to H&M for a pair of tights and they were still there. I tried them on and really liked them. As a result, I now have nude and neon ballet pumps!

These nude shoes are perfect for just about anything. From afternoon coffee to work, I'd be happy to wear them anywhere and they would fit in. 

These pumps are really inexpensive and so did not dig a big hole in my pocket either. I think H&M is on top of their game right now. They have really good things coming out for spring and they really aren't very expensive.

Although I am in love with both these pairs, I haven't had an opportunity to wear them yet. With temperatures as low as zero degrees in London this week, sadly, all I can do at the moment is dream of spring. Hopefully I will get to wear them soon!


  1. This is quite well written!! Well done!

    1. Thanks Hannah. I've just started blogging. I'm glad you liked it. xx